5 Valentine’s Day Activities for Elders

Valentine’s day is a holiday that is widely celebrated all over the world, especially in the United States. For the most part, this is an occasion that caters to both young and old people. However, more often than not, older folks are not too keen on celebrating this event. Are you one of them? You probably have your own reasons for refusing to enjoy this event. Maybe you find it difficult to move around, prompting you to rely on caregiver services in Chicago or anywhere in the US to get your daily activities done. In this regard, dressing up and going on a date may seem unappealing to you.

In spite of this, you should still consider celebrating this holiday. Who knows, maybe this love-filled event might end up lifting your spirits. After all, the display of love and care is very beneficial for anyone, even you. So this February, think about celebrating Valentine’s. It doesn’t matter if the holiday itself was held days ago, if you want to hold a Valentine’s celebration anyway or you are simply looking for ideas that you can apply next year, here are some activities that you should consider!

Celebrate with Friends and Family

Valentine’s is not restricted to couples only. If you want, you can celebrate the event in the company of your beloved friends and family. In the end, this special occasion is all about love but it is not limited to romantic love only.

So invite the people who are special to you for a get-together at your house. You don’t have to provide everything. Maybe each guest can bring some food or drinks that can be shared with everybody. Or if you want something simpler, ask them to have tea or coffee with you in your place instead.

Create Some Decorations

Celebrate this holiday by creating cute decorations with your grandchildren. This way, you can still feel the essence of the event while bonding with your loveable grandkids. Cut out hearts, cupids, and arrows from red and pink colored papers that you can later put over your windows, walls, and doors.

Don’t worry if they don’t turn out perfect; what matters is that you had fun while crafting decorations!

Valentine’s Day Games

If you want a livelier celebration, you can play some games with your family and friends. Invite everyone ‘ both young and old ‘ and try the following games:

Valentine’s Word Games Valentine Pictionary Valentine Charades Name That Love Song Candy Bingo

Serve a Homemade Feast

If you want, you can celebrate the occasion by preparing a homemade feast. Take note of your family and friends’ favorite dishes and cook them. If you find it difficult to prepare all of them by yourself, make it a bonding experience. Recruit the help of your loved ones to make the experience more exciting.

If you want, you can use this opportunity to teach the younger members of your brood how to make various family recipes to ensure that they can continue the tradition.

Watch Romantic Movies

Finally, once everyone is filled with food. You can set out and watch a number of romantic films that everyone will enjoy. You can choose to watch the classics, like Casablanca and Singing in the Rain , or romantic comedies such as 50 First Dates, When Harry Met Sally, and Love Actually.

Like everyone, you also need to show how much you care and love your family and friends this Valentine’s. Similarly, you should allow your loved ones to express their love for you during this special event. So spend a wonderful day with them doing the mentioned activities above in celebration of this event!

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