Bathroom Safety Tips for the Elderly

There are several home care agencies in Chicago and all over the US. By hiring one, you can ensure that your loved one can get assistance even when you are not around. It’s one way to show your loved one how much you love and care for them.

However, even if a caregiver accompanies your loved one most of the time, accidents can happen anytime anywhere — even in the bathroom. Which is why you have to take the necessary precautions to reduce the risks of accidents and ensure the safety of your loved one at all times. Below are some bathroom safety tips for your loved one.


Always remember to check the water heater temperature in the bathroom. The older our loved ones are, the thinner their skins. So avoid exposing them to bath water that is too hot because it might burn them. In some cases, due to some medical conditions, some cannot tell when their bath water is too hot. So take it upon yourself to adjust the water heater temperature. And be sure to relay this information to their caregiver as well, so the caregiver can adjust it when you are not around.


You can prevent — or at least reduce — injuries in the lavatory by installing anchor grab bars. Grab bars are safety devices that someone can hold onto in case he or she slips or falls down. And don’t just install one, install several grab bars in the shower, bath tub, and toilet. When installing them, remember to use solid screws instead of nails. And don’t forget to test the strength and stability of the installed grab bars. Make sure that they don’t move or budge.


Another way to prevent falls is by installing tension poles. Aside from grab bars, your loved one can use this floor to ceiling pole to navigate around the slippery bathroom. Unlike grab bars though, it might be best to have a professional install this.


If your loved one is over the age of 50, then there’s a huge chance that he is no longer sleeping through the night. Instead, he gets up at the wee hours to go use the lavatory. Make sure that the bathroom light is always on at night to prevent accidents.


The lavatory floor can be slippery so make sure to use non-skid mats. But don’t just put one outside of the shower, place one inside the shower and the tub as well. This will surely help avoid slipping and falling down.


If you don’t trust grab bars and tension poles, there is one foolproof way to ensure that your loved one is safe from slipping or falling down in the bathroom. Have someone — you or the caregiver — assist while they are in the bathroom. Especially if they have mobility or balance issues. That way, someone is always there to assist them as they get in and out of the bath tub or shower.

Make sure to follow the safety tips above. It will surely help keep your loved one safe from falling victim to bathroom accidents.

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