Best Vacation Ideas for the Elderly

What are the best vacation ideas for the elderly?

  1. Exploring a big city via tour bus
  2. Taking a river cruise
  3. Visiting a theme park
  4. Going on a volunteer vacation; helping out a less fortunate community while visiting the nearby tourist attraction
  5. Watching live shows; this is best done in a single place with multiple shows

When you live in a bustling city like Illinois, a caregiver service is a good option to make sure your elderly get the care they need despite your busy schedule. However, it is important that you still spend quality time with them to make sure they always have a place in your life. The best way to do that is to take them on a vacation.

In spite of their limited mobility, there are ways they can enjoy a trip out of town. Here are a few examples to inspire you to think of your own getaway ideas for your senior loved ones:

Explore London

London is one of the greatest cities in the world and your elders will definitely enjoy exploring it. You don’t need to worry about their limited mobility because the tour companies of London provide very informative guided bus trips to all of the city’s major tourist spots including Bath, Stonehenge, and Salisbury Cathedral.

If your elders still have good mobility, then you can choose to use London’s public transportation, which is one the most efficient and comfortable commutes in the world. The entire city is accessible via bus, the Tube (London’s subway system), or even via the Thames Clipper (commuter boats).

For places to stay, check out Sloane Square, which offers vacation apartments for affordable prices. This is in a chic neighborhood, which your elderly will definitely find relaxing.

Be sure to also visit West End for a relaxing and classy evening of theater.

River Cruising

This is a perfect idea for elderly couples to have their second honeymoon. If they are not physically active, then they will find the view from the decks to be very satisfying. Plus, going down to a few ports will ultimately improve the experience; encourage them to do so if they can.

Here’s a tip: choose a river cruise that can last for a few days to a week. They usually tend to pass by some charming little towns or historic cities. For example, going down the Danube River, which is considered the heart and soul of Central Europe, passes by cities such as Vienna, Budapest, Berlin, etc.

There are a lot of cruise companies that offer multiple packages exploring different parts of the river. You can even choose the package that ends in a beautiful city that your elders will love, and rent out a condominium there for a few days to explore the city even further.

Walt Disney World

Many seniors consider the best vacation experiences to be the ones where they could bond with the entire family. What better place is there to do this than in the happiest place in the world? Give your elders the best bonding experience by visiting Walt Disney World in Orlando.

A visit to the theme park is worry-free because of all the services offered. They provide families the option to avail lockers, strollers, scooters, and wheelchairs for practicality. They also have meal plans, first aid, and fast pass services, which will definitely be useful for your more mature family members.

Transport is easy as well with air-conditioned buses, soothing boat rides, and the iconic Disney Monorail all available to transport your family inside and between Epcot, the Magic Kingdom, the Animal Kingdom, and the Disney Water Parks.

Just imagine: while the kids are on the rides, the elderly can enjoy world class golf courses, spas, dining, and shopping.

A Volunteer Vacation

Many seniors yearn for a sense of purpose after they retire. A good way for them to find this is to pitch in and improve a community. Why not turn it into a vacation as well? If this idea is appealing to them, then perhaps a volunteer vacation is the perfect getaway for them.

A volunteer vacation is where people go abroad to help out a community while visiting some tourist spots along the way. It not only gives vacationers the joy of travel, but the fulfillment of charity as well. Many organizations, such as Cross-Cultural Solutions and Global Volunteers, offer such vacations around the world. You can also check out


Visiting Branson, Missouri is a delightful experience for seniors that love taking in the awe of a live show. The city has over 50 theaters that feature top names in entertainment such as The Gatlin Brothers and The Oak Ridge Boys. There is also a tribute show to Dolly Parton in the God and Country Theater.

Branson is also the home to a dozen world-class gold courses. This includes Missouri’s best public golf course (named by Golfweek Magazine), the Branson Creek Course.

The downtown area of Branson also features plenty of beautiful places to dine and shop. The Branson Landing is a good place to find Ozark specialties such as homemade candles and wood crafts.

Key Takeaway

With these vacation ideas, your elders don’t need to feel bored with their lives. Take them to these places or make your own similar ideas for some quality bonding that will ensure that they have a special place in your life.

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