Build a Strong Relationship with Your Grandchildren

Grandparents these days constantly find ways to fill in their days by doing their hobbies and/or socializing. However, the one thing that they prioritize over everything is their grandchildren. Even those people, who live in different cities like Phoenix or Chicago (or are in caregiver services), try to do what they can to keep in touch with their grandchildren.

A grandparent’s relationship with their grandchildren is important because this will be another avenue for the kids to learn vital life lessons as well as help build their character. Before any of this teaching can happen, you have to be able to build a strong and stable relationship with each other first. Here are a few tips on how to do just that.

Share Stories

Ask the permission of the parents if you can share your stories with the kids. Stories are a great way to impart knowledge and wisdom to your grandchildren, not to mention the fact that it is entertaining as well. It also gives your grandchildren a quick glance of how you grew up and how things have changed. You never know, they may even gain a new appreciation for the things they have.

Embrace the Technological Age

You now live in the technological age. This is something you could use to your advantage. It is normal these days for families to be more spaced out, meaning you can’t always drive to your grandchildren’s house to visit them regularly.

Thankfully, technology makes it easier to contact each other through phone calls, online messaging, or video calls. You now have the chance to tell your stories to your grandchildren even if they are on the other side of the country.

Love Unconditionally

It’s no one’s fault that sometimes parents can’t be with their kids every second of the day. This could be because they are busy and tired from the work they do. This is the perfect time to show them some love, not necessarily replace the role of their parents, but merely show them that you also love them unconditionally. Essentially, this is one of the easiest things you can do; just show them they are loved through your actions.

Share Interests with Each Other

You can be engaged with your grandchildren by showing them that you like to get to know all their hobbies and interests. Invest some time and learn what they like and in return maybe you will get the chance to show your interests to them.

Sharing each other’s interests is a great way to get to know each other better and a fun way to learn new things.

Converse with Each Other

It is important that you also develop open communication with each other. Try to find time to ask your grandchildren open questions that will draw out their opinions. Eventually, this may lead to them to become more vocal about their victories and struggles.

One benefit of being retired is that you have a lot more free time now than you used to. This means you can devote your time and effort to strengthen the family as well as share your wisdom and stories with your grandchildren.

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