Common Diseases of the Elderly Learn All About Arthritis

People often resort to hiring home care services in order to provide their aging loved ones with the assistance and care that they need. Elderly in home care receive high quality medical or non-medical services ‘ depending on your preferences ‘ that will help improve their health as well as their quality of life.

Unfortunately, as your loved ones age, health complications might start to arise. One of the long-lasting pains commonly experienced by the older generation is arthritis. Aside from hiring a caregiver to assist your aging parents as they battle this disease, you should learn everything there is to know about this disorder in order to care for them better.


Individuals with arthritis feel pain due to an inflammation that causes numbness in their joints. There are around 1,000 types of arthritis but only a few are classified. Here are some of the common types:

Osteoarthritis ‘ This type of arthritis lasts for months and it usually attacks the hands, knees, hips, or spine. Osteoarthritis occurs because one’s joints are damaged over time. As a matter of fact, scientists refer to this as a disease of the joints.Rheumatoid arthritis ‘ This one occurs for less than a month and it also attacks the hands, ankles, or hips. This type of arthritis is a disorder which targets the cartilage in the body, assaulting tissues which cause pain. Rheumatoid must be treated as soon as possible to prevent severe attacks.Gouty arthritis ‘ Gouty is a type of arthritis that lasts for hours only and attacks around the lower limbs. Gout happens when the uric acid crystals (caused by sweetened drinks or alcohol) reach the joints, resulting in inflammation. This might transfer to other joints in due time if left untreated.Juvenile arthritis ‘ Another typical type of arthritis, Juvenile lasts for about a month. This disorder is common among children below 16 years old, affecting their physical activity and their appetite.
Treating this disease is possible; however medication will depend on the type of arthritis that your loved ones have. While there are no proven cures that would completely eradicate the disorder yet, there are other treatment options like undergoing therapy, medications, braces, and lifestyle changes which may improve your parent’s health.


Through the years, various studies have been made about arthritis. Here are a number of confirmed researches that have been conducted from the past years regarding this disease:

Arthritis already existed around 500,000 years ago.The venom from a bee sting can minimize the effects of rheumatoid arthritis.Animals may also develop arthritis ‘ usually osteoarthritis ‘ and exhibit the same symptoms in the similar areas where this disorder affects humans.Adults around 60 to 65 years old with knee or hip injuries have a higher chance of developing arthritis.Children may also get arthritis too ‘ around 1-3 years old or 8-12 years old. Women have a higher chance of developing this disease compared to men.Eating excessively (grainy and seafood usually), drinking too much alcohol, smoking irregularly, and inhaling air traffic pollution regularly are some of the major causes of arthritis.Location is also a factor in getting arthritis; those who reside in higher latitude areas are believed to acquire it rather than those who live near the equator or lower areas.

It’s vital to know more about arthritis especially if your loved ones are suffering from this disease. Being informed will help you care and assist your aging parents better.

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