Elderly Home Care Tips for Dealing with Aging Parent’s Bad Behavior

Things change as people grow older. Your father, for instance, no longer goes to work. Instead, he spends most of his days lounging at home and resting, after years of working hard in order to provide for you and your siblings. His stressful days at the office are replaced by extensive vacations to exotic islands together with the whole family. You even hired an elderly home care services in Illinois or anywhere in the US so that a caregiver will always be at hand to assist him!

In spite of this, aging does not just involve relaxation and fun. There are cases wherein older people start to display bad behavior. If this happens to your father, how will you deal with his negative attitude? Below are some tips to help you through difficult situations like this.


If your aging father starts displaying bad attitude, don’t lose your patience and start thinking ill of him immediately. It’s likely that he is not displaying negative behavior just because he wants to. What you need to do is find the root of his problem. If all of a sudden, he disregards his personal hygiene by refusing to take a bath or changing his clothes, you have to find out why. This will help you understand better where your father is coming from. Once you learn about his issues, you’ll have a better chance of addressing the problem efficiently.


Aging brings about a lot of changes, not only on your father’s lifestyle, but on his body as well. Your elderly parent might find it hard to adapt to these changes and so, he takes out his frustrations on you or his caregiver. In other cases, the existence of diseases like Alzheimer’s or dementia is the reason for his negative behavior. In this case, it is difficult for him to control his actions. Regardless of the origin of the problem, try to be as helpful as possible. Refrain from arguing with your parent or disregarding his feelings. Instead of condemning him for his negative actions, address his bad behavior. At a time wherein several changes are occurring to him, he’ll need your assistance and support the most.


One of the best ways to know where your elderly loved one is coming from is by initiating a conversation. Talking to him will give you the chance to understand your father and his problems better. If loneliness is what’s causing his troublesome behavior, then taking some time to talk to him every now and then will surely be helpful. Show him how much you care and that when he talks, you really are listening. Don’t be so quick to contradict him or downplay his feelings. Instead, help him find ways to address his issues and overcome his bad behavior.


One of the worst mistakes you’ll commit while dealing with your aging parent’s negative actions is to take it personally. When your father starts acting so rudely, it’s most likely because of something that is not even your fault. Often, you just happen to be there so you become the recipient of his frustrations. It is also wrong to assume that the problem is you. Don’t blame yourself if your elderly loved one displays upsetting actions. Instead, do the best you can to help him overcome this obstacle.

When your aging father starts to display untoward behavior, you have to remember that you cannot control his actions but you can control yours. Remain patient as you help him deal with his issues. Show him how much you care and make sure that everyone else in the family ‘ as well as his caregiver ‘ will be supportive as your loved one tries to conquer his problems.

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