Bad Health Habits in Illinois

What habits and circumstances may contribute to the onset of dementia?

  • Smoking
  • Social Isolation
  • Lack of Education
  • Physical Inactivity

Dementia is one of the most dreaded yet most common illnesses for the elders. It greatly affects the lives of not only the afflicted but those around them as well which is why Dementia caregivers in Chicago are often hired.

Dementia is characterized as the gradual (or rapid) loss of memory over a certain period of time. Other than major lapses in memory, dementia can also cause loss of muscle control, among other concerning symptoms. There are many factors that can contribute to the occurrence of dementia in a person, and some of these are general lifestyle choices. Here are some of the unhealthy habits that can contribute to Dementia.


One of the major causes of different kinds of bodily ailments is smoking. Despite having numerous laws against smoking worldwide, it is still one of the most common vices that most people can’t seem to break. Smoking, or even just being around smokers, has been also known to be one of the main causes of lung cancer. It can also cause heart disease, one of the deadliest diseases worldwide.

Smoking has also been proven to be a factor in heightening the occurrence of dementia. A study showed that a percentage of smokers who have dementia were diagnosed earlier compared to non-smokers as they showed earlier signs.

Social Isolation

Having some alone time once in a while is a great method for self care. However, prolonged isolation is really not good for your mental health. Social Isolation is the lack of regular human interaction, whether it be intentional or unintentional.

Loneliness is extremely common among people with dementia. Isolation can make dementia much worse, which is why one really needs to make sure that they have a stable social life and regular interaction with friends and family.

Failing to Complete Secondary Education

Education is a basic human right, and everyone should be able to receive it in one form or another. However, some people are simply do not have the opportunity and access to education, especially secondary and higher education. Studying and learning helps develop one’s brain, and keeps it active as it learns new skills and gain new memories.

Not taking time to study and learn can cause your brain development to stagnate, which can increase the chances of having dementia in the later years. Learning is lifelong, and education is an important part of mental growth. Those who cannot afford formal education must find other ways to regularly keep their minds active and growing.

Physical Inactivity

Physical activity allows your body to exert energy, stretch and gain muscles, and pump blood to the brain. With this in mind, one thing that everyone should avoid is prolonged physical inactivity. This will not only weaken and wear down your muscles, but it will also affect your brain as well. Lack of regular physical activity can also cause the brain to become stagnant. This can be a contributing factor to dementia.

Key Takeaway

Dementia is a devastating illness that could greatly affect one’s mental state. Thankfully, some key lifestyle choices that you can choose to make would help lessen the risks. By avoiding these contributing factors, you can do your part in helping prevent dementia.

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