Light Exercises That Aging Loved Ones Can Do At Home

Various cities in the United States, like Chicago, have caregiver services that help older citizens get the care and assistance that they need. However, you should know that caring for your elderly loved ones is more than just hiring the best health professionals. You should also urge them to stay healthy through different means such as exercising.

As your loved ones start to age, they should keep their mind and bodies active. Below are a few light exercise ideas that your elderly family members can try out.


A good and proper stretch can amplify the body’s flexibility, which is why it is very important to incorporate stretching exercises on your loved ones’ daily workout routine. To stretch the upper body, all they have to do is focus on their chest and arm muscles. Urge them to stand with each of their arms at their sides and their feet apart. Then, tell them to grasp their hands behind their backs and pull their shoulders back as well . Hold this pose for 30 seconds and then repeat.


The National Institute for Aging’s website has provided a few suggestions that seniors can try out in order to stretch their lower body. First, they can start by stretching their quadriceps; to do this, ask your aging parents to bend one of their legs behind their bodies and grab their left foot with their left hands. Make sure that they are holding on to a solid item like a chair so that they can keep their thighs as perpendicular as possible to the floor. Ask them to hold the stance for 30 seconds and repeat the process with their right legs.


One of the best exercises for senior citizens is the chair stand for it improves their balance and also build their muscle mass. They can start out by seating on an armless chair. Be certain that their shoulders and backs are straight. Then, tell them to extend their arms (which should be parallel to the floor) while slowly standing up. Discourage them from using their hands while doing the exercise. Make them sit down again and repeat the exercise 15 times.


Another exercise that can help improve your aging loved ones’ balance is leg raises. All they need to do is stand behind a chair and grasp it for balance. Ask them to lift one of their legs to the side while making sure that they are aligned from heel to hip. They should maintain a straight back while slightly bending the other leg. Ask them to complete about 10 reps for this leg exercise.


The upper body strength can be improved vastly through the help of elastic bands or light weights. Ask your elderly loved ones to either stand or sit on the floor with their feet pressed flatly to the ground. Urge them to hold the weights at the level of their shoulders with their palms facing frontward. Then, tell them to raise the weights above the level of their heads. They should finish two sets with a minimum of 10 reps each.


Aerobics has many positive effects on older people like raising their overall energy, improving their heart condition, maintaining their joint movements, lowering down cholesterol and blood pressure levels, and burning off fats and calories. To help increase their heart rates, they should begin with a five-minute cardio workout a few times per week. Then, urge them to work on completing a 30-minute aerobic session every other day.

There are many light exercises that your aging parents can do to increase their overall health. Aside from the ones stated in this article, they can also try moderate endurance exercises like swimming, tennis, and brisk walking.

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