Qualities Your Home Health Caregiver Should Possess

When your loved ones find themselves having difficulty accomplishing basic tasks because of a serious injury or of old age, they might need someone to assist them all the time. Although you want to, you cannot be there all the time. It’s a good thing there are home health care agencies ready to help in Chicago and other parts of the US,

Instead of going to special facilities to get assistance, home care agencies provide clients with caregivers. This allows them to receive health care services in the comfort of their own homes.


Probably one of the most important things to consider when hiring home care is choosing a caregiver. When you hire a home care agency, they deploy a caregiver to your loved one’s home. He will render health care services based on the care plan that you set.

A caregiver will be there to assist your loved one with their needs. Depending on the care plan and the services that needs to be rendered, your loved one might spend short or long periods of time with her caregiver. In some cases wherein extensive care is needed, the caregiver might need to stay with them in their homes!

This is why it’s important to consider very carefully who to hire as a caregiver because they will be accompanying your loved one for specific amounts of time. He or she will need to be helpful, patient, and understanding. So before you screen caregivers, make sure to write a list of qualities that you want him or her to possess. Here are a few to get you started.


  • Empathy

    Empathy allows the caregiver to put himself on your loved one’s shoes, enabling him to understand what she might be going through. This brings the question, “how would I like to be cared for if I was in her position?“. If this is the case, then you can expect him to provide the best care they can provide.

  • Reliability

    One thing you should look for in a caregiver is reliability. Because your loved one is having difficulties accomplishing tasks, they will grow dependent on the person who will be assisting them. So make sure that a caregiver can be relied upon to help them with these tasks.

  • Patience

    For some people, the lack of independence and being self-reliant is making them irritable and frustrated. When once they can move faster, now they experience difficulties just by moving from one place to another because it might be painful for them. It’s important that the caregiver is patient. That they have to understand that when their patient is lashing out, it is not an attack on them, and that they are most likely frustrated with the situation they are in and not the care they provide your loved ones.

Home care is more than just accomplishing a list of tasks. When hiring a caregiver, don’t just make a list of services that needs to be rendered. Make a list of qualities that you want the caregiver to possess as well. This will help you narrow down your choices when screening applicants.

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