Sights to See with your Senior Companion

Travelling to new and exciting places is a magnificent privilege to those who desire so. There’s nothing like the feeling of enjoyment when you’re with your family or closest friends and just admiring the sights you see in your travels. Speaking of travelling with family, your senior companions, no matter how much they’ve aged, still yearn for adventure.

Though the care and accommodations provided by numerous caregiver services in Chicago are more than enough, getting your senior loved ones out and about with you on your sightseeing adventure is a good way to have fun with them. Not only that, you also get to experience new things with them and enjoy the fresh air of the outdoors.

With a pocket of cash and a sense of wanderlust, here are some sights you and your senior companion can see and enjoy:

  1. Chicago Riverwalk

    This is a great start to your itinerary as this magnificent sight is just right around the corner in Chicago. The beautiful Chicago River is the focus of this sight, enticing others to go and visit. With blue waters that stretch for at least nine city blocks and numerous boats around, there’s no shortage in what you and your senior companion can enjoy.

    A suggestion for this sight is to take your senior loved one out and just walk along the river. The serenity the place offers is enough for you to spend quality time with your senior companion and just talk about anything that comes to mind.

  2. Art Institute of Chicago

    This place is for the art fanatic in you. Located on Michigan Avenue and packed with timeless pieces of art, you and your senior companion are guaranteed to enjoy.

    Also, this place can serve as an inspiration to the artist in you. If you’re feeling a bit creative, do so with your senior loved ones. After all, once you’re done, both of you can admire the world of art together.

  3. TILT! (360 Chicago)

    This sight is for those who seek to thrill themselves with a heart-pumping feature, a tower that actually tilts. If you and your senior companion wish to get a rush of adrenaline, then this place is for you. Just be sure to hold on tight and don’t think of falling down.

  4. The Statue of Liberty

    This is one of the most notable and historic landmarks not just in American tourism, but in all of history as well. In fact, bringing your senior companion here can evoke nostalgia as they remember the times when they felt as energetic as before.

    Though this place would have you travel quite a distance, the overall satisfaction of doing so is worth it. While you’re there, be sure you and your senior companion take lots of pictures to capture a piece of American history in your pocket.

  5. Mount Rushmore

    Another icon in American History. In Black Hills National Forest, there lies a mountain with the faces of four American historical icons: George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, and Thomas Jefferson.

    When you bring your senior companion here, you will be surprised on the spontaneous history lessons you’ll receive and will learn even more from them that you have at school. Also, it can bring you and your senior companion inspiration for your next trip together, maybe even involving mountain climbing next time.

    The world offers different other sights for you and your elderly loved ones to behold. So the next time you visit them, don’t just stay at home. Go out with them and see where your eyes can take you.

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