Signs That You Should Fire Your Home Care Provider

Aging is natural and inevitable. One day, you’ll notice the appearance of wrinkles and creases on your parents’ usually smooth skin. You might observe that they get easily tired while engaging in activities that they normally do. They might have a difficult time adjusting to these changes but nonetheless, they have to learn how to cope with it. It’s bothersome to watch loved ones suffering the effects of aging, which is why a lot of people hire caregiver servicesin Chicago, Canada, or anywhere they may reside.

In theory, home care is supposed to provide your loved ones the physical and mental support that they need at the comfort of their own homes. Unfortunately, there are times when this is not the case. Some caregivers and agencies fail to fulfill their responsibilities and, at times, even do more damage than good. If you want to prevent this from happening to you and your loved one, you have to always be on your guard. Here are some of the signs that will notify you when to fire your care provider.


Your caregiver might have started working for your family as a sweet, diligent care provider. Despite this, it doesn’t mean that she will always be as ethical and trustworthy as she was on her first day of work. Over time, the situation might affect her negatively and start taking it out on your loved one.

To avoid this, you have to pay attention to both your loved one and caregiver’s wellbeing. Check closely if your parents have bruises or if they look unkempt. This might mean that their caregiver is disregarding your parents’ hygiene or worse, they are being mistreated. This is a bad and might continually get worse through time.

Now, pay attention to the caregiver. Is she always late or leaving early? If you notice that the caregiver often looks disheveled and stressed, then you have to keep a close eye on her. If you see her being impatient or controlling over your loved ones, then it’s a sign that you have to let her go. Whether she has personal issues or she’s just not enjoying her job anymore, it points to one thing ‘ it’s time to look for a new care provider.


Caregiving relies heavily on human interaction. It is important that your loved one and the caregiver are compatible with each other. You have to hire someone who is not only responsible and caring, but shows great interest in your loved one’s wellbeing.

Monitor your parents and their caregiver regularly. If you see that the caregiver seems to be bored or is no longer interested in being a caregiver, then it’s a sign that you have to fire her. Pay attention to her attendance – is she often tardy? If you notice that she’s irritable and refuses to pay attention to her patient, then she might not be interested in her job anymore. Daydreaming instead of assisting your parents is a sign that she’s bored with her work and would rather be somewhere else. If she doesn’t make an effort to correct her behavior, you have a big problem. After all, a lack of interest generally leads to poor performance. Don’t wait for your parents to suffer an accident because of their caregiver’s negligence.


If you really want to know if the care provider is performing poorly, you need to talk to your loved ones. Your aging parents are with her most of the time, depending on the care plan that you created. This doesn’t mean though that you can just approach your parents, sit them down, and then ask them directly if you should get rid of their caregiver.

Don’t put your parents on the spot. It would be better if you go about it as normally as you can. This means that you have to talk to them as if you are only inquiring about their wellbeing and how they are doing at home. You can insert your questions about the caregiver’s performance and behavior during the conversation. This way, you won’t confuse your parents and you’ll get the answers that you need.

It is never easy to let go of a care provider especially if she has been working with your loved ones for a long time. Despite this, if you see that their caregiver is performing poorly, you have to take action. Don’t risk your parents’ health and wellbeing by allowing unreliable caregivers around them. Good thing there are plenty of excellent home care agencies everywhere, especially in Canada! If you have questions or if you are having second thoughts about the home care agency that you hired, you can call All Nursing Health Services Inc.

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