Technology and Caregiver Services: A Match Made in Heaven

There are times when the changes that accompany aging become a source of frustration for your loved ones. In some aspects, these alterations hinder your elderly parents from fulfilling tasks on their own. Fortunately for you, there are ways to help them cope with the effects of aging. One of the steps that you can take in order to relieve your parents’ problems is by hiring caregiver services in Illinois or anywhere in the US. Through home care, quality help and assistance is bestowed to those in need.

Another way for you to help your elderly loved ones is by acquiring certain technological devices. There are gadgets which are innovated to make the lives of older individuals easier and more comfortable. Combine these devices with home care services and your aging parents’ quality of life will surely improve. Below are some gadgets that you should purchase for your elderly loved ones.

Mobile phones have become so essential in the lives of everybody. These days, phones serve plenty of purposes aside from making and taking calls. Now, you can also play music, watch videos, and even access the internet through phones! Despite the usefulness of mobile phones, the elderly population tends to stay away from them. It would seem that smart phones ‘ as advanced as they are ‘ can be too complex for older individuals.

Despite this, don’t worry! There are several phone companies who create mobile phones that are designed for senior people. One of them is the Jitterbug, a big-button phone that your loved ones can surely easily use. It has three huge buttons that your aging parents can easily click; one of them is to call 911 in case of emergency. Another button is used to call an operator who can easily connect your loved one to the person that they want to talk to. The last button is preprogrammed to connect your aging parents to a person of their choice, may it be their caregiver or anyone in the family.

The Personal Emergency Response System or PERS is a useful device that can be used in emergencies. Usually, it has two parts ‘ one is a transmitter that commonly worn as a necklace or a bracelet and the other is a receiver that is stationed at the home of your loved ones.

If upon walking around, your aging parents forgot the way back, they can easily press the button on the transmitter. It will send a signal to the receiver that’s connected to their phone line at home. The call will be picked up by a customer support agent who will help your parents assess the situation. If the circumstance is drastic, the agent can arrange for an ambulance to pick them up. However, in less extreme conditions, the call center agent can connect your loved ones with their relatives or their caregiver. It’s a very advantageous device especially for older individuals with diseases that affect their memories.

Sometimes, your aging parents might forget their doctor’s appointments or when to take their medications. This is dangerous especially if their conditions require that they take the right dosage of medicine at appropriate times unfailingly. Good thing there are several health tracking devices in the market!

One of them is UnaliWear. At first glance, the UnaliWear might look like a simple watch but in truth, it serves several purposes. Its biggest appeal might be the fact that your aging parents don’t have to press any button to operate it because it is voice activated. It can help your loved ones with anything; whether they need directions to go home or they need to be reminded when to take their medications, UnaliWear can help them with it all! This will allow your aging parents’ caregiver to focus on more complex issues and tasks that technological devices cannot do like providing companionship, help with bathing and other tasks related to personal hygiene, and many more. What’s more, it has an on-call emergency assistance that will immediately connect them to an operator. If there are emergencies, the operator can easily send help to their location.

Truly, caregiver services in Illinois or anywhere in Chicago can be extremely helpful. However, the integration of helpful devices such as the ones listed above can also aid in improving your loved ones comfort and ease their fears. Combine home care services and the mentioned gadgets above to provide your aging parents with a happy and comfortable life!

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