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What are great life hacks for caregivers?

  • Use apps for caregiving to help keep track of patients’ records.
  • Don’t forget to eat well
  • Work out regularly.

If you have ever hired caregiver services in Chicago, then you know how much heart their employees give in their job. However, sometimes they give so much that they never really stop to think of themselves. Thankfully, there are hacks to help them to have an easier time at their job and take care of themselves. These are:

Use Caregiver Apps

There are smartphone applications nowadays for everything, even caregiving! These can make the day to day life a caregiver so much easier. A few good examples are:


This is an app for Apple products that providers users with a great system for tracking heath. It records multiple factors such as healthcare providers, prescriptions, diets, therapies, and other health data.


This is another Apple app but this one was created by the National Alzheimer Center. It helps users to care for Alzheimer’s patients by being able to track medicines and doctor’s appointments, share calendars, coordinate with other caregiver services in Chicago and, most importantly, family members. Balance also has the latest news and updates regarding the disease so both caregivers and the patient’s family are always well-informed.

Caregiver’s Touch

This is a precise caregiving app that is web-based. Sharing info and schedules with other caregiver services in Chicago and family members will be as easy as sending an email or link. One of it’s great features is a Doctor’s Diary , which helps to keep track of doctor’s notes on the patient.

Eat Well

Even the best caregivers are only human. Their job is physically, emotionally, and mentally demanding that caring for themselves falls to the bottom of the to-do list. As a result, forgetting to eat or choosing not to eat so as not to ‘waste time’ is a common occurrence. Doing this means that their body can give way at any time due to the stress and physiological needs not being met.

Making time to eat healthy is vital to maintain the energy to complete tasks and to boost the immune system. The latter is very important considering that they are around sick people all the time.

Work Out

As previously mentioned, being a caregiver is a physically demanding profession. Having enough proper exercise is another thing that can be easily neglected, especially after a day of physical and mental stress. However, this is even more reason why working out is beneficial.

It doesn’t have to be strenuous. Even just simple stretching, yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates, meditation is enough. These will help these modern day heroes to relax and unwind, as well as improve their physical strength.

Key Takeaway

Caregiver services in Chicago believe that employee health is just as important as their patients. After all, they must be healthy in order to be able to provide the loving care that caregiver services in Chicago are known for. The best professionals in the business help alleviate the stresses of the work by integrating useful technology ‘ such as the use of smartphone apps ‘ in their daily work.

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