The Top 5 Assistive Technologies for Seniors

What are the best assistive technologies for elders?

  • BeClose: A group of sensors that tracks daily routines and activities.
  • Fitbit: A personal device to track activity and health.
  • The GrandCare System: A device linked with a group of sensors which acts as a monitoring system so that people can take care of their elders remotely.
  • GreatCall Responder: A device that notifies a responder when a user is in need.
  • TV Ears: A headset that gives elders with hearing impairments clear audio when watching a TV.

Even with the best caregiver services in Chicago, technology can greatly help in making sure that beloved elders have an enjoyable senior life. Some are even designed to ensure their safety. Here are a few examples of the best assistive technologies for the elderly:


The BeClose is an aging-in-place (the ability of a senior to live on his own) technology that allows loved ones to track the daily routine of seniors with the use of sensors. These are wireless and can be placed throughout the home of the elderly. Data will be sent from these to a website that loved ones or a caregiver can access to check up on the elderly. Disruptions in their routine will immediately alert the sensors to send caregivers email or text so that they can respond immediately.


This is a popular gadget nowadays and it is being used by everybody, not just the elderly, to lead a more active and healthy lifestyle. The company continuously develops products and online services that encourage people to be more aware of the health effects of their actions. Such products include the Ultra Wireless Activity Tracker which displays the amount of activity that the user does in real time. The Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale, on the other, hand tracks weight, body fat and BMI. These two are great for seniors that need to monitor their health to adjust to a healthier lifestyle.

The GrandCare System

Just like the BeClose, The GrandCare System also uses wireless sensors that are spread throughout the home of the elder. The system has a TV-like interface which is used for multiple purposes. Its many functions allows for:

  • Messages to be sent to the device by loved ones through the GrandCare website
  • Data gathering from the sensors to be analyzed by caregivers
  • Notifications of unusual activity, noncompliance of medication consumption, breaks in routine, etc. to be sent to
  • concerned parties
  • Uploading of reminders, pictures, videos, music, calendar appointments, etc

GreatCall Responder

Being a tiny PERS (Personal Emergency Response System) device, the GreatCall Responder allows for a senior to be able to protect himself whether he is on the go or at home. This is because pressing a button on a device alerts the 5Star Urgent Response Service, and a respondent will contact the elder to help him with any emergency. These respondents are trained to be able to call the correct 911 services and send them to the right location.

The device can also be used in non-emergency situations. If the elder simply feels unsafe during the night, then he can press the button and the respondent can just stay on the line to empower the senior. This service is available 24/7.

TV Ears

Basically, these help seniors with hearing loss to be able to hear the TV without having to turn up the volume. This device has the following features:

  • Personal volume and tone so that seniors can enjoy watching their shows without bothering those who want to watch
  • along with them
  • Compatible with most TVs
  • Range of 600 ft. from the receiver
  • Comply Foam TV Ears Tips which acoustically seals the ear to block out unwanted noise while providing clarity,
  • comfort, and cleanliness
  • Weighs 1.6 oz
  • Design made to rest on the chin so that it can still be used while lying down

Key Takeaway

The sad truth is one cannot always be there for elders every second of the day. That’s why there are caregiver services available to ensure that they are cared for. However, it’s still a good thing that these technologies exist that can help people keep track of the seniors’ activities, health, and convenience. These are good investments for elders to enjoy a healthy senior life.

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