Understanding the Emotional Needs of the Elderly

Changes in the body might sometimes prohibit your parents from doing simple tasks around the home, like doing the laundry or sweeping the floors. Because of this, many are compelled to hire home care agencies in Chicago or anywhere in the US. You might not know it yet, but having a caregiver at home to assist your loved ones in performing their day to day routine can be a big help.

Often, it is so easy to spot when someone needs physical support. Most of the time, this is even the driving factor for someone to hire home care. Despite this, physical assistance is not the only type of support that you can offer your ageing parents. Your loved ones need emotional support too and you cannot provide that unless you understand what they are.


Your parents are facing a challenge at the moment ‘ ageing ‘ and you have to trust that they are trying to deal with it the best way they can. This tough battle might be theirs to fight but that doesn’t mean that they don’t need your support. In fact, at this point of their lives, your support is probably crucial. This means that even though they have a caregiver, you have to be there for them.

Communication will play a major role in keeping a strong and healthy connection with your ageing parents. Don’t just call or visit them regularly, encourage your kids and other family members to contact your parents frequently as well. Set a schedule once or twice a week, wherein your parents will join your family for lunch or dinner. Having a strong connection with you can help ease your parents’ worries about getting old.


As your parents’ bodies mature, different obstacles arise. One obstacle is problems with mobility. You might notice that they are having difficulty moving around or leaving the house. Sometimes, they have to grip the walls or the counter in the bathroom to help them navigate without slipping and falling down. In the event that they end up hurt though, how will they contact you?

Help put their problems to rest by securing their safety as best as you can. Make sure that they can quickly contact you and easily if ever an accident happens. To prevent falls, install grab bars all over the house, especially in wet areas where they might slip ‘ like the bathroom. Lastly, invest in motion sensors and alarms in case an intruder tries to break in.


It’s probably more frustrating and saddening for them to wake up one day and find that they cannot enjoy the things that they used to do. Even the inability to do simple chores can be upsetting for them.

Since you cannot read your parents’ minds, what you can do is observe. Are your parents showing signs of depression? If you notice that their moods are deteriorating, step in. Consult their doctors and make sure that, with the help of their caregiver, they take their medicines at the right time. Most importantly, always plan ahead. If your parents don’t have a caregiver yet, make sure that you already have prospects in case they need physical assistance.

Don’t overlook your parents’ emotional needs because you are busy noticing their physical needs. Be considerate and understanding with your parents. Sometimes, we fail to realize that while it is difficult for us to see them struggle, their situation is much harder. Pay special attention to your elderly parents’ needs so that you can address them properly.

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