Dementia Patients in Illinois

What are some things that dementia patients want you to know?

  • The person you love is still there deep inside.
  • They are adults and they deserve respect.
  • There are times when they will still be logical and correct.
  • They get bored at times and they will crave for something else to do.
  • The disease has more side effects than what can be seen externally.

Hiring the best caregiver services in Illinois for your loved ones with dementia is one of the best decisions you can make. The patients get the best care, while you can focus on getting the resources you need to make sure this is provided for continuously.

However, a common mistake people make is unintentionally neglecting their loved ones because a caregiver is around. What they don’t know is that the patients still yearn for the love from their closest friends and family even if they may not say it outright. In fact, there’s a lot of things that they want to say to you. These are just a few:

They’re Still There

Even though they seem like they’ve changed forever, your loved ones who suffer from dementia are still there deep down. It’s all there underneath the forgetfulness and confusion. They are more often than not just clouded with an unrecognizable version of themselves, and they too don’t want to be that way. But they still love you, they still miss you, and they still want you to spend some time with them.
They Are Adults

They may act childishly most of the time, but that doesn’t mean you should treat them like children! You of all people should be fully aware that they were fully functioning human beings before the symptoms set in. In fact, they may have been very accomplished people, but fate dealt them an unfortunate hand. Thus, you shouldn’t disrespect people with dementia. After all, you’ve been through so much with them, and they probably have helped you to be the man or woman you are today.

So talk to them with respect; people from caregiver services in Illinois will tell you the same thing. Patients with dementia can still hear you and feel everything you say. Yes, you may need to slow down the way you speak, but don’t talk to them like they’re deaf or unintelligent.

They Are Still Logical at Times

Because of the effects of the disease, people would often ignore what the patients are saying; maybe because a lot of the things they say is incorrect. But there will be the periodical times when they are correct about something. This could be their old selves showing up and making some sort of sense; or maybe just trying to reach out to you. For these moments, you want to be there and listen to what your loved one has to say. So be always attentive and listen when the dementia patient is talking.

Just use your own logic to filter the things the matter from those that don’t. That’s how the best caregiver services in Illinois do it.
They Get Bored

Are they spacing out or staring blankly? Chances are they are bored out of their minds. While they may have less ability to process information they still crave to be able to do things and have their minds stimulated. Give them time to do recreational hobbies, such as playing games, reading,playing music, andmaking art.

In fact, anything other than sitting in the corner and sulking is better.

The Disease is More than Forgetting

While you may see the obvious side effects, such as forgetting names or angry episodes, dementia is so much more than that. For the patient, it could mean hallucinations, delusion, etc. This makes it all more unpleasant for them than it is for you. In fact, it is often disheartening for the real them to know that they’ve turned into an uncontrollable force of negativity that is hurting you. This kind of weight is hard to bear for both you and them.

Key Takeaway

You will never truly know the kind of troubles anyone has to bear until they’re told you in full. What more for dementia patients whose minds are so clouded that they are unrecognizable even by their most loved family and friends? Now that you know a few of the things they would want you to know, maybe it will help you to become more patient and understanding. If the burden is still too much for you to bear, then maybe getting help fromcaregiver services in Illinois is indeed the best decision for everyone.

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