Aging 101 3 Misconceptions about Frailty

People who provide caregiver services in Illinois and all over the world are knowledgeable about the challenges that elders experience as they age. These professionals are well versed in the various health problems and other complications that might arise as people’s bodies start to change. Not only that, they are taught and trained to assist these individuals throughout trying times. In this regard, they are the perfect candidates to help your loved ones age independently while getting the care and assistance that they need.

Although aging brings about several challenges, elderly people are not entirely vulnerable. Older people are sometimes viewed as individuals who are incapable of caring for themselves, completely neglecting their contributions to the society. Below are some of the misconceptions about old age and the frailty that comes with it.


Not all old people have a case of bad memory or are physically disabled. Some eighty year old persons can be just as active and mentally sharp as young adults in their twenties, while others require a lot of care and assistance even with performing basic activities such as dressing and eating. Family, relationships, ethnicity, financial capacity, and environment are some of the factors that affect the way a person matures. Since various people have dissimilar experiences, they age differently.


A study conducted in the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland revealed that the amount of older people’s contributions to the economy through tax and expenditure is higher than the amount that the government spends on them through pensions, healthcare, and welfare. Also, do you know that the average age of farmers in Kenya is 60 years old? It means that even at an old age, they are able to contribute to their country’s agriculture industry. This only shows that the older population is contributing immensely to the society despite the misconceptions about their strength and capabilities.


Retirement age is the age at which people are expected to quit working altogether. Although some elderly individuals are no longer fit to work once they reach their 60s, there are those who are still efficient and qualified to keep on working. Firing them or forcing them to retire once they reach a certain age, is not really beneficial not only for these individuals but for their companies as well. When they are forced to leave the company, their organizations or companies will lose the benefit of having an experienced or seasoned employee. In the long run, replacing them with inexperienced fellows will affect the company negatively. In the US, majority of the people who are at retiring age have said that they don’t want to leave their companies; however, countries still impose mandatory retirement ages which older people deem as discriminatory.

Don’t underestimate your grandparents or aging parents! In spite of their age and the challenges that come with it, they are brilliant individuals who have plenty to contribute to the society. Although they face certain challenges, they continue to be important not only to you and your family but to the community as well. Remember that age does not necessarily decrease the productivity or efficiency of an individual.

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