Caregiver Services Illinois Tips: How to Sleep Better as You Age

Caregiver services in Illinois and all over America is an advantageous way of providing elderly individuals with the assistance and care that they need. This is especially helpful when you are having troubles performing tasks around the home on your own. As you grow older, you might start experiencing some sleeping problems. This lack of proper sleep might hinder you from performing your daily activities independently, therefore calling the need for caregiver services.

Changes in sleeping patterns are a normal part of aging. Since your body is starting to produce lesser growth hormones, you might find yourself going to bed and starting your day earlier than usual. Deep sleep might also evade you and instead, you might find yourself getting up a few times during the night. This is a common occurrence to elderly people ‘ an effect of low melatonin rate in the body caused by the reduced production of growth hormones. What is not a common part of growing old, however, is to find yourself waking up tired every morning. Instead, this might be a sign of a deeper problem, like insomnia.

Alongside hiring caregiver services in Illinois or anywhere in Chicago, you can also try the following tips to help you sleep better at night.

As you age, you start to reap another benefit from working out on a regular basis. Try walking a few miles every day or doing some squats and lunges. This will wear you out and help you sleep better at night. Just remember not to overwork yourself especially if you haven’t been working out in a long time and to avoid exercising at least 3 hours before bed.

If you are struggling with poor sleeping habits, try setting a specific bed time as well as a specific time when to begin your day. At night, do not go to bed before or after the specific time you chose as your bedtime. Meanwhile, in the mornings, try not get up before your alarm rings. Stick with your new routine and your body will adapt to it soon enough.

Spend a few moments in tranquility before bed. After turning off all your appliances and electronic devices, sit down and relax. Do activities that will help you unwind, may it be reading a book, listening to music, or just basking in the silence of your living room. This will help your body wind down and your mind to relax in preparation of sleep. Try doing this every night before going to bed.

A warm bath before going to sleep can be beneficial for you. The warm water will help lower your body temperature which, in turn, might help you feel tired. This will help you relax and be more ready to go to bed.

This is pretty simple: if you sleep during the day, you will have a hard time sleeping at night. This means that if you want a good night’s sleep, you’ll have to give up your afternoon naps. Entertain yourself instead by engaging in activities that will grab your interest and prevent you from getting sleeping.

Do not drink before going to bed as this might result to frequent bathroom trips in the middle of the night; this goes for alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Avoid alcoholic beverages at night because instead of helping lull you to sleep, it might keep you up at night.

Although proper sleep is important regardless of age, it becomes more vital as one grows older. When aging individuals lose sleep, their concentration and memory formation becomes affected. To avoid this, make sure to follow the tips mentioned, but if you are still having troubles and are in need of assistance, try hiring caregiver services in Illinois or anywhere in Chicago to help you with your daily routine in and out of the house.

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