Prevent Dementia and Hire Caregiver Services in Chicago

As people grow older, problems start to arise. One of the diseases elderly people sometimes face is dementia. Dementia is not a single particular disease; instead, it is a group of various symptoms such as memory loss, inability to handle complex tasks, changes in behavior, and more. A disease like this can heavily affect the lifestyle of aging individuals. To help them cope and ensure that they are living a happy and comfortable life despite the illness, family members turn to caregiver services in Chicago or anywhere in America.

Caregiver services provide elderly people with the care and assistance they deserve and render services fit for their needs. This will guarantee they can still live independently, happily, and comfortably despite the limitations enforced by their health complications.

Although there are ways for aging people to cope with diseases like dementia, it would still be better if your elderly loved ones can take the necessary steps needed to prevent complications from arising. Below are some of the prevention methods your aging parents should practice in order to prevent a health problem like dementia.

Everyone can benefit from regular exercise ‘ even the elders. As your parents age, the benefits of working out increases; aside from a fit and healthy body, it also helps battle diseases older individuals might develop. Exercising regularly improves the strength and cardiovascular health of aging people. What’s more, working out often can also help protect your elderly parents’ brains against dementia. There are growing evidences that exercise can contribute in preventing the development of this syndrome.

Regular exercise alone cannot prevent dementia. Aside from working out, make sure your loved ones are also keeping a healthy diet. Talk them into cooking meals that are low in fat, but high in fiber and includes plenty of fruits, vegetables, and wholegrain products. Your elderly loves ones should also limit their consumption of salt and foods with high cholesterol. In fact, your aging parents’ salt intake should not be more than 6 grams a day. Why? Too much salt increases the blood pressure which might result to the development of some types of dementia. As for cholesterol, foods high in saturated fats also increase the risk of having this disease.

Apart from keeping a nourishing diet and working out regularly, your loves ones should also maintain a healthy lifestyle. This means your aging parents should give up any bad habits such as smoking and excessive drinking. Smoking might lead to a rise in blood pressure because of its negative effects to the heart’s arteries. Cigarette smoking narrows down the arteries which might lead, not only to dementia, but to cancer and cardiovascular diseases as well. Meanwhile, heavy intake of alcoholic beverages might result to a rise in cholesterol level in the body, as well as blood pressure. Like smoking, excessive drinking might lead to the development of cardiovascular diseases as well as dementia.

Dementia is a difficult disease to handle, but it is preventable. Help your parents avoid developing this disease by encouraging them to follow these tips.

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