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What can dementia caregivers in Chicago do to help their residents connect with younger generations?

  • Game night
  • Kitchen date
  • Video chat
  • Arts and crafts

Millennials (i.e. the majority of working adults today) struggle to personally connect with their Silent generation seniors. The awkwardness between both groups usually comes from their differing moral views, environments, and lifestyles. Because older people find it difficult to converse with those younger than them, they often end up spending most of their time alone.

As a dementia caregiver in Chicago, you should prioritize the emotional well-being of your elderly patients. You can curb their loneliness by creating bonding activities for the older and younger generations to connect over.

Game Night


Seniors are always looking for fun in their lives. You can easily fulfill their desire by planning and hosting a game night. As the name suggests, it is an activity dedicated to bringing people together through board games, mind-boggling puzzles, and card-playing.

Game nights are great social events for elderly patients because first, it is easy to set up in a caregiver service in Chicago. All you need are some tables, chairs, and of course, the games themselves. Second, games act as a great icebreaker between the young and old generation as these recreational activities become conversation starters.

Kitchen Date

Food is a wonderful way to bring people of all ages together. With a kitchen date, able-bodied seniors can show off their cooking skills to both younger relatives and even their dementia caregivers in Chicago. Additionally, everyone gets to socialize with each other while they prepare the food.

To make sure the cooking date runs smooth, it would be good to inform the senior’s relatives in advance. You should ask the elderly for recipes they would like to share. Afterward, you should buy all the ingredients needed at least one day in advance.

Video Chat

man using phone

Sometimes, young people really want to connect with their elders, but find it difficult to do so. They don’t have time to visit their loved ones at caregiver services in Chicago or are simply too far away. Make it easier for both parties to get closer by teaching your patients how to use video chat on Facebook or Skype.

Once they get a hang of it, encourage their loved ones to converse with their senior once a week. In time, your patient will become more comfortable conversing with people online and using the internet on their own. All in all, video chat is a great way for seniors to talk to relatives who cannot be physically present.

Arts and Crafts

As a kid, you created art pieces by playing with glue, glitter, play dough, and paint. It was just so fun to release our imagination through those items and create colorful pieces. Fortunately, arts and crafts are great recreational pursuits for people of all ages.

With your elderly patients in caregiver services at Chicago, you can reignite their imagination by setting up an arts and crafts class for them. Just buy some materials, invite their younger relatives, and it becomes a fun social session for both generations.

Key Takeaway

Many Dementia patients are frequently lonely because they find it difficult to form relationships with relatives and strangers of the younger generation. Fortunately, there are bonding activities that can bring these two very different groups together. All these recreations will surely push them to talk to each other and develop their relationship.

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