My Elder Has Memory Loss. Is It Dementia?


Memory loss is, indeed, one of the first signs that people notice from individuals with dementia. That’s why it can be alarming to notice that your elder is starting to become forgetful. Before you decide to look for dementia care in Illinois for your senior, try to discern first if the forgetfulness is age-related or a definite sign of brain damage.

Here are some symptoms that signal the onset of dementia.

  • Your Elder Forgets Recent Memories and Information

    If you ask experts in your home care agency in Lombard, Illinois about dementia, the first fact that you will learn is that people with Alzheimer’s Disease, for instance, consistently forget about recently learned information but can still recall memories from decades past. This is because dementia damages the part of the brain that deals with short-term memory, but not the part managing long-term recollections.

  • Your Elder Has Difficulty Doing Everyday Tasks

    Barring a physical disability, mundane tasks that your elder does every day should have gone down to muscle memory and should be easy to do. It’s normal to forget the recipe to your favorite dish every once in a while, but if your elder cannot recall it entirely from memory, it could be a sign of dementia, especially if you’ve refreshed their memory.

  • Your Elder Gets Confused About Time and Places

    Another sign of possible dementia is your elder getting confused about places they’re familiar with, or about the day of the week. Normal memory loss usually bounces back, and they recall stuff a short time later. If they don’t, however, it could be a sign that your elder has dementia.

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