The Benefits of Coloring Books for the Elderly

Not everyone can fully devote themselves to caring for their elderly loved ones. Work, family, and other commitments are some of the most common factors that prevent them from doing so. Good thing there are elderly home care services in Illinois and all over America, which provides elderly individuals with caregivers who can give them the assistance and care that they need. With a caregiver around, you can thoroughly enjoy your time with your loved ones! Prepare activities that you can do together in order to bond with them ‘ like coloring images together.

Coloring-in is considered as a therapeutic activity because it evokes feelings of peace, enjoyment, and satisfaction. In fact, coloring books are no longer just for kids. Adult coloring books are all the rage right now. Revisiting this well-loved childhood pastime is definitely worth it; research shows that coloring activities for people living with dementia bring out positive outcomes like decrease in anxiety and agitation. Listed below are the benefits that the elderly people can enjoy through coloring books and activities.


  • Relieves stress and reduces agitation
  • Improves one’s mood
  • Provides a way to express one’s self
  • Helps maintain motor functions
  • Improves dexterity thru grip control
  • Promotes mindfulness
  • Encourages cooperation
  • Improves hand-eye coordination
  • Gives a sense of accomplishment
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