The Telltale Signs of Getting a Stroke

The Telltale Signs of Getting a Stroke

A stroke occurs when the blood supply that goes to the brain is suddenly interrupted. There are many different things that could cause a stroke, the most common one happening when the arteries that lead up to the brain is blocked. The importance of identifying the signs of a stroke is imperative. That is why we at Angels Homecare, your primary provider of senior care in Chicago, Illinois, are here to help you spot these signs with this handy guide.

In both men and women, it should be noted that every symptom of a stroke comes suddenly. When experiencing a stroke, a victim will feel the following:

  • Suddenly having trouble speaking and understanding speech, or being confused.
  • Having difficulty in seeing with one or both of their eyes.
  • Suddenly losing their balance, becoming dizzy, and lacking coordination.
  • A sudden and painful headache with no known cause.
  • Sudden numbness or weakness in their face, leg, or arm, especially on one side of their body.

Recovering from a stroke can be very difficult for not only the patient but their families as well. Should you need assistance in caring for your loved ones, contacting a home care agency in Lombard, Illinois can really help you in getting the help and care that your loved one needs. 

Aside from providing our clients with stroke-related care and assistance, we also provide dementia care in Illinois and the communities within the state. We understand how important it is for you to find a provider of care for your loved ones that is not only trustworthy but is also affordable. That is why we are here. Our wide array of services will make sure that your loved ones are fully dependent and comfortable while you are under our care.

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