Tips 101: Maintaining a Fall-Proof Home

Tips 101: Maintaining a Fall-Proof Home

As individuals grow older, they usually feel the decline of bodily functions. By the time a person reaches the age of 55, there might be limitations to their mobility. Other than that, they are most likely to develop poor eyesight. Thus, they become prone to accidents and health conditions.

These unfortunate incidents must be avoided at all costs, especially when seniors are left alone at home. But how can this be done? Older adults will need to have assistance in whatever we do. However, this may not be so easy as family members often have their own lives and problems to face.

Angels Homecare, a home care agency in Lombard, Illinois, suggests that, in spite of problems, family members must ensure the safety of their elderly at home even when they’re not around. This can be done by installing fall-prevention tools.

  • For hallways, stairs, and bedrooms, proper lighting needs to be installed to guarantee that the elderly can clearly see the way without stumbling or tripping. Railings can also be of great help for those who cannot move around without assistance.
  • For bathrooms, install grab bars near the door to support an elderly in going in and out. Installing grab bars near the toilet and showers also helps the elderly in sitting and standing.
  • For the kitchen, placing a grabber can help older adults reach items on high shelves.

Agencies that offer senior care in Chicago, Illinois also suggest keeping often-used items within reach. Never install shiny floors and put non-skid mats or rugs on every door of the house.

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