Why some People Live Up To 100

In Chicago, elderly care services are present so people who are not knowledgeable or capable of properly taking care of their elderly loved ones can hire health professionals. These caregivers are trained and skilled in assisting older individuals to ensure that they are living life to the fullest despite certain limitations. Caregivers take care of your aging parents’ needs and help them maintain a healthy lifestyle, especially since as they grow older, their bodies tend to become frailer.

In spite of this, there are actually senior citizens who live up to 100 years old and above. According to science, diet, lifestyle, and genes play an important role when it comes to life longevity. Further research also suggests that there are places in the world where living up to 100 is normal already. They are called blue zones and those who don’t live up to 100 are considered unusual in these places. Surprisingly, there are only a few blue zones on Earth. They are:

Sardinia, ItalyThe islands of Okinawa, JapanLoma Linda, CaliforniaNicoya, Costa RicaIkaria, Greece

However, lifestyle and genes are not the only reason why people in the blue zones live long lives.

Aside from living up to 100, people in blue zones suffer from little to no health issues at all, compared to other countries. Heart complications, dementia, and even depression are almost non-existent in these areas. This signifies that people here live a great life until their deaths.

Vices like alcohol and smoking are some of the things that can shorten a person’s life. Among the blue zones, researchers discovered the following secrets to a longer life:


The basic unit of the society is deemed as the most important part in the lives of people living in the blue zones. It is a top priority to regularly see and interact with them. They have really close family ties, proving that stronger social ties can help decreas the chances of depression and stress.

People from the blue zones also have a positive outlook in their lives. Those in Okinawa follow the concept called ikigai , which is their reason for waking up in the morning. Citizens of Ikaria also have a more relaxed outlook in life and one will always find them happy and laughing.


Smoking is known to cause fatal lung diseases like pneumonia, emphysema, and lung cancer. This is the main reason why people from blue zones avoid indulging in this vice. Some cultures, like the Sardinians and Ikarians, enjoy red wine which is rich in antioxidants compared to other liquor.


The majority of these cultures’ meals consist of plants. However, that does not mean they don’t eat meat. It merely means that the foundation of their meals is plants, then small portions of meat, and refined carbohydrates follow. People from Okinawa have a personal rule called hari hachi bu where they only eat until they are 80% full. On the other hand, people who live in Nicoya always eat their heaviest meals in the morning and their lightest meals in the evening.


When the word physical activity is mentioned, people automatically think of going to the gym and doing hardcore exercise. However, the people who live up to their 100s don’t go through extreme workouts. All they do is regularly engage in physical activities like hiking, farming, gardening, and other household chores. Regular activities are their form of exercise.

All of these are the reasons why people live up to 100 in some places in the world. Yes, a healthy lifestyle is important in achieving it, but so is social interaction and inner cultivation.

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