Why Grandparents and Grandchildren Should Bond

Why Grandparents and Grandchildren Should Bond?

  1. Grandparents can share personal stories about history.
  2. Grandparents can teach kids lost skills such as sewing, gardening, and baking.
  3. Grandparents have gone through important life-changing events that your kids may eventually go through and ask advice for.
  4. Family history can be shared to kids.
  5. Kids can learn how to take jokes properly when grandparents show them how.
  6. Interesting stories from grandparents can teach kids how to listen well.
  7. They can bond over old games that the kids may end up loving.

Even if your elderly are in home care, it is important that your children get to bond with them. This is because they get to spoil their grandchildren not just in material things, but in influence as well. Your kids can learn a lot from you parents. Here are some examples:

Sharing of personal history

History could be a completely different learning experience when children hear it directly from someone who has experienced it. They can learn how life was during wars and how events happened from the eyes of your parents. A greater sense of appreciation is developed especially when your kids get to compare how life was then and now. Also, personal stories are easier to remember than having to memorize names and dates on a book.

Learning lost skills

With the age of the internet and technology taking over people’s lives, a lot of old traditions have been lost. However, some of these skills are able to survive and are still useful today. Skills such as sewing, gardening, and baking are still relevant today; and your parents can be the ones to pass them to your children.

Enlightening life lessons

You may have gone through a life changing event once, but your parents have gone through them multiple times. For this reason, they are more credible when it comes to giving life lessons and advice to your children. All of you could turn to them for advice regarding a certain event in your life that they have already been through. For sure, they will be happy to help you out with your problems.

Imparting family history

Any mysteries about the family that your kids are curious about can be solved by your parents. They can tell your kids all about the family tree; they can answer questions pertaining to your ancestry. Maybe they’ll even share a funny or embarrassing story about them.

Telling jokes to one another

Teasing is part of growing up and your kids can learn how to deal with it through the help of their grandparents. Let them tease each other so that your kids can learn how to bond with them with jokes and pranks. By doing this, your kids will learn how not be too sensitive, when they are playfully being teased by their peers.

Listening Lessons

While your kids may be used to you listening to their every word, it is important that they know how to do it as well. Your parents’ stories could be the perfect way to let them develop that skill, while letting them bond at the same time. In doing so, once your kids enter school, they’ll be excited to learn and listen to their teachers.

Playing old school games

Many card games fall out of style, especially with the rise of games on the phone. But your kids may still love them. Let your parents teach a few classic card games to your kids and they may just find a new favorite game that is unique to their generation.

A voice they listen to

During teenage years, your children may yearn for a support system outside of you and your spouse. In fact, you may feel a sense of detachment on their part since teens do tend to try to win the favor of their fellow teens. Because of this, they have a tendency to rebel against you. As a solution, you can ask your parents to help you out in reeling your children in; they could be the voice of reason that they listen to.

Not taking small things for granted

In a world where technology comes front and center, young people tend to overlook the small and simple things that they can enjoy in life. Their grandparents can be the ones to teach them how to properly appreciate them. After all, they have lived a long time and have seen that the small things matter too.

Key Takeaway

Raising kids is a complicated task because of the fast changes that they experience. You may be able to guide them, but the voice of wisdom from their grandparents could be exactly what they need in times of trouble. Don’t deprive your kids of that wisdom and allow them to bond regularly.

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