Caregiving Is Not As Easy As You Think

female caregiver woman accompanying helping elderlyWould anyone consider caregiving a stressful job? No need to ask, because it really is stressful. If you think caregiving is an act of offering help and doing basic household or daily tasks for the elderly, this is the time where we’re going to debunk that myth.

With the help of information that we gathered from the Family Caregiver Alliance, we discovered that a lot of people in the US tend to take the responsibility of taking care of their older loved ones who are in need of in-home care, knowing that they also have a full-time career. The caregiving responsibility for these people is as tough as it gets because they have to juggle two different jobs at the same time. And it is not surprising that the percentage of quitting caregiving is high, not only for people who have a sense of obligation to take care of their older loved ones but also for the caregivers who also work for in-home care providers.

Caregiving is different and tailored to every type of individual (as it should be). When applying for an in-home care provider, you need to be flexible as much as possible. You need to keep in mind that you may not get along with the individual you’re gonna be paired with, but it’s definitely your job to create a harmonious relationship between you and your patient.

Now, this article isn’t made to scare you off in case you are interested in taking a caregiving job. However, we want to make things clear and have you ready before you decide to apply as a caregiver. To be honest, caregiving requires a lot of patience, time, and energy. It consumes your mental and emotional health, but the reward of seeing the older folks you help out get satisfied and appreciate you more because of the work you do for them? It’s priceless. And by just applying for a caregiver job post, you’re already making a difference.

And you know what they say… High risk, high reward. The hardship of caregiving gives you a lot of good things in return. There are important life skills that you can acquire as a caregiver and improve as you go:

  • Maintaining a good relationship with the elderly
  • Learning how to communicate properly
  • Having a heightened compassion

These are just some of the skills and traits which you can also apply to your relationship with your family and friends. Apart from that, when you work as a caregiver, it gives you the feeling that you have a purpose-driven life. You get value from the service you give them, and you make an impact.

Caregiving is difficult, but the effort that is exerted into it is much more fulfilling. When you start to think that you want to help out the older folks in need of in-home care, and when you take it into action by applying as a caregiver, you’re already making a change.

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