Subtle Signs of a Heart Attack Happening


We see a man. He is upright, but suddenly he clutches his chest, seemingly having trouble breathing. His face contorts to show pain. He is suffering a heart attack, manifesting in chest pain.

That’s one scenario we think of when hearing about heart attacks. While most heart attacks are sudden and intense, some are pretty subtle, with symptoms building up for days. Moreover, symptoms between men and women vary.

Heart attacks are life-threatening emergencies, and we need to immediately attend to them to ensure the safety of our loved ones. As a Home Care Agency in Lombard, Illinois, we are knowledgeable on heart attack symptoms. For this reason, we list some of the subtle signs of a heart attack below.

  • Angina or chest pain. These may feel like uncomfortable tightness, pressure, squeezing, or pain.
  • Upper body discomfort. These may occur on the jaw, neck, one or both arms, and stomach.
  • Shortness of breath. It may happen with or without chest pain.
  • Other signs. Include feeling lightheaded, breaking in a cold sweat, or feeling nauseous.

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