Telling Someone You’re Worried They Have Dementia

Telling Someone You’re Worried They Have Dementia

Have you noticed your loved one or friend having problems with memory or focus? Are you concerned they may be having something serious such as dementia? How should you express your worries and encourage them to have a check-up?

  • Talking about mental illness is not easy – especially when we are expressing concerns that they may have one. It is natural for the other person to be defensive or brush off your worries. They could get angry at you or stay in denial.
  • Expressing your worries is not about yourself – it only shows the attention you are giving to your loved ones and your genuine goal to help them. But this intent may not be immediately received when opening up about these types of conversations.

Before speaking to them about your worries or even talking about solutions such as dementia care in Illinois, it is important to plan the conversation as much as you can. Timing is very important. Keep track of your observations. Jot down notes. These pieces of evidence are not to prove them wrong but to provide some grounds for your worries.

As your home care agency in Lombard, Illinois, we understand there is no easy way to discuss serious matters. What our team in Angels Homecare offers is the support you may need.

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