Pets for Seniors? Why It Can Be a Good Idea

Pets for Seniors? Why It Can Be a Good Idea

Our senior loved ones may be facing limited movement because of health issues or low energy. This keeps them homebound. The social engagement they once enjoyed is now limited. Social isolation can be lonely and depressing.

There are many choices you can select from to address isolation and loneliness. Pet therapy can be one of these options.

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While our care team can accompany your senior loved one at home, the option of having pets can also bring joy to and address the sadness of your seniors. Here are some reasons why letting seniors have pets can be a good idea.

  • Seniors want pets.
    Have they been asking to get one? It is a direct message that they are interested in having a pet. Fulfilling this desire gives them a sense of achievement.
  • Seniors increase their activities.
    Taking care of a pet involves walking and playing— which are physical activities that keep seniors moving. These activities are great exercises.
  • Seniors improve their self-esteem.
    They may not admit it but seniors also think about their appearance and condition— discouraging them from human relations. Pets are a great companion because of their unconditional love.

Letting a senior get his or her pet is a big move. But when you think it is for the best, you fully support them— just like how your trusted Home Care Agency in Lombard, Illinois supports you.

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